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In our modern dental practices in Rotterdam, our focus is your teeth. We are ready and waiting for you every day to work with you on a healthy mouth and a radiant smile that you will enjoy all your life. And at rates established by the government. So, you never pay more than necessary.

dentist Rotterdam - OmmoordComplete oral care for the whole family

In addition to general dentistry, our two dental practices in Rotterdam also focus on different dental specialities and areas of attention. This allows us to provide you with the most complete dental care in your region. Based on the dental care you need, you can choose which dentist you wish to visit.

  • Dental Clinics Rotterdam Ommoord
    Are you looking for a dentist in the Ommoord area? Near the shopping promenade Hesseplaats, you will find the dental office Dental Clinics Ommoord. Here you can consult with, amongst others, an oral hygienist, a sleep expert, implantology and prosthetics.
  • Dental Clinics Rotterdam Zuidterras
    The dental practice Dental Clinics Zuiderterras is located next to the Zuidplein mall. The team focuses on such areas as paediatric dentistry, porcelain restorations, periodontics, sleep apnoea and snoring braces, implants, root canal treatment and oral hygiene.

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dentist Rotterdam - ZuiderterrasDentist Rotterdam – choose the best dentist

Do you also want the best dentist? You can sign up here immediately as a new patient of dentist Rotterdam.

We work together to provide you with the best possible care of the highest quality. Thanks to horizontal referral, you are treated by our own team as much as possible. At what location you are treated will depend on the care you need.

Of course, we will also be pleased to speak with you. You can fill in our contact form for questions about dentist Rotterdam.

High quality implants

An implant forms the basis for a crown, bridge or prosthesis. In case of the loss of one or more teeth and/or molars, together with our experienced dental implantologist, you can look for the best solution for your teeth. We work exclusively with implant systems that meet high quality standards, and through our broad dental knowledge you can count on professional advice and the best treatment.

Paediatric dentistry

A visit to the dentist can make a child feel anxious. So, winning their trust plays an important role. This requires special attention and expertise. For this reason, in addition to general dentistry there is also special attention for the treatment of children at Dental Clinics Zuidterras. Dentist Sharleena Pink treats children with fear of dental treatment, young children and children with physical and/or mental limitations.

Our practices

Rotterdam Ommoord

Sinclair Lewisplaats 510 A
3068 ED Rotterdam
Phone 010 – 455 63 66


Rotterdam Zuiderterras

Zuiderterras 6
3083 BV Rotterdam
Phone 010 – 410 14 70